Are you an accredited investor looking to access exclusive investment opportunities outside of the stock market?

Private capital investments give you opportunities in private real estate, private credit, and other off the market deals when you have cash to invest and want more sophisticated options than what’s available to the public.

Aloha Wealth Partners connects you with exclusive offers so you can have more control over your investments and take advantage of greater appreciation potential and tax efficiencies.

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Being stuck in low-risk, low-reward investments that barely keep up with inflation is frustrating. At the same time, navigating the complex world of private capital investment can be intimidating and confusing. But if you’re a high net worth individual, you know there are too many opportunities on the private side to ignore. Aloha Wealth Partners guides you through the vast world of private capital investments so you can work to grow your wealth on your terms.

private capital
private capital investments
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Capital Investment Experts

Aloha Wealth Partners specializes in private capital investments and has a deep understanding of the market. Because we spend nearly all of our time exploring and working in the private market, we’re able to present our clients with new opportunities before other investors get access. The investments we discover and present are personalized and in alignment with your values and investment goals. 

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Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs)

A DST is a great solution for deferring capital gains taxes after selling a property when you’re not ready to jump right back into buying another property and dealing with all the managing tasks that come with it. In a DST, multiple investors can pool their money to purchase a single property or portfolio of properties that are managed by a 3rd party. Aloha Wealth Partners taps into our trusted network of sponsors to give you exclusive access to DST opportunities that align with your unique goals, values, and risk tolerance.

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