Envision a business that pays off today and for the next generation.

Business owners are different. You’ve put your heart and soul into your business. The time, energy, and resources you’ve invested create strong emotional connections. And as much as you love your business, you need to make strategic decisions about the business’s future. 

It can be difficult for business owners to position their business for maximum value. But when it comes time to sell or pass your life’s work to the next generation, how you plan today can potentially turn your time, sweat, and tears into a big return over the long term.

Your Strategic Business Advisor

Aloha Wealth Partners can help you develop a business strategy and exit plan to position your business for maximum value. We’ll identify and address any bottlenecks, create a roadmap for your business’s future, and guide you through the complexities of the sale or transfer when you’re ready.

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Business Advisor
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Certified Exit Planning Advisors (CEPAs)

Our team of certified exit planners’ primary focus is helping you position your business for maximum value. The process is multi-layered and personalized. CEPAs bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to a business. We provide a comprehensive assessment of your business, develop an exit strategy, enhance value, and connect you with a network of professional advisors.  

Business Advisories Aloha Wealth Partners
Stress Testing & Financial Modeling

Stress testing helps identify potential risks and vulnerabilities. The process simulates various scenarios so you can gain a better understanding of the impact of different market conditions on your business. Financial modeling evaluates the outcomes of different strategies to address the scenarios. Running simulations and modeling responses prepares you to make more informed decisions when market conditions change.

Business Valuation

A proper business valuation gives you an objective assessment of your company’s value, so you can understand where you’re at now, what you need to focus on for growth, and determine a realistic asking price if it’s time to sell. A professional valuation shows investors you’re serious about selling and can attract new investors by demonstrating an accurate and transparent evaluation. It also helps with estate planning purposes so you can get clarity on the tax and inheritance implications and develop a plan for the next generation. 

Business Advisory Services
Business Advisory Service Aloha Wealth Partners
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Exit Planning

Business valuation, stress testing, and financial modeling are components of exit planning. The goal of exit planning is developing a detailed plan and strategy for selling or transferring ownership of your business. Aloha Wealth Partners identify potential legal risks, lays out all of your best options, and creates a plan based on your lifestyle goals to ensure you get what you deserve for a lifetime of hard work.

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