Defer Capital Gains as an Accredited Investor

Are you an accredited investor looking to defer capital gains and access new real estate investment opportunities?

When you’re exploring the idea of finding a passive real investment that satisfies your 1031 exchange, DSTs can help refresh your investment strategy with new, institutional grade opportunities.

Aloha Wealth Partners gives you access to institutional grade properties in the DST market tailored to your values and risk preferences.

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You’re limited by your network and experience when searching for new investment opportunities on your own. And if you want to defer capital gains, the clock is ticking and the pressure of finding the right investment compounds. Wherever you are in your real estate investment journey, Aloha Wealth Partners has the deep knowledge and network to find you what you want, so you can move into your next investment property with confidence.

1031 Exchanges

A 1031 exchange, also known as a like-kind exchange, is a tax-deferred transaction that allows you to defer paying capital gains on the sale of an investment property when you roll it into another real estate investment. When you partner with Aloha Wealth Partners, we’ll walk you through the process, help you find the new property you’re looking for, and make sure you stay in compliance and meet all requirements and deadlines.

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Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs)

A DST is a great solution for deferring capital gains taxes after selling a property when you’re not ready to jump right back into buying another property and dealing with all the managing tasks that come with it. In a DST, multiple investors can pool their money to purchase a single property or portfolio of properties that are managed by a 3rd party. Aloha Wealth Partners taps into our trusted network of sponsors to give you exclusive access to DST opportunities that align with your unique goals, values, and risk tolerance.

Aloha Wealth Partners 1031 Exchange & DST Advantages
Deferred Capital Gains
Potential for Passive Income
Personalized Investments
Exclusive Access
Institutional Quality Properties
Hands Off Management
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If we both think we’re a good match, we tap into our network and start digging for opportunities that match your preferences.


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We deliver our findings and help you narrow down the best opportunities. You make your decision and we take care of the rest.


STEP 4 Grow

We stay committed to not only managing your wealth, but growing with you as a trusted partner and collaborator.

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